Where is my girl?!
by SkyLeo

The player takes on the role of a quirky mad scientist, The Professor, and enters a world of rocket chairs, aerial acrobatics, and vertical hazards. Why? Because a band of no-good rogues stole his three very attractive lab assistants, of course. Now it falls to the player to get them back.

The Professor blasts off at the start of each level and finds himself in a vertical corridor, which acts as the setting for all the levels in the game. The player character then continues ascending higher and higher while encountering myriad obstacles and enemies, all while rushing towards the boss at the end of the level. Fortunately, The Professor's chair is equipped with chain hooks that can be used to grab obstacles and fling them upwards to avoid damage and defeat bosses.

Along the way The Professor also runs into various power-ups, which - with a bit of skill or luck - can be picked up and used to empower the player's ascent. One such pick-up in the form of a star provides an external bonus as well, acting as currency for a slot machine minigame that can be played between attempts.

At certain altitudes The Professor runs into minibosses, which test the player's mettle, offering smooth progression towards each level's final boss. This progression is further characterized by each consecutive level only unlocking upon defeating the final boss of the level before it.

The game also houses a shop that offers the player a variety of in-game items to aid in The Professor's quest to save his assistants, including upgraded rocket chairs, engines, and booster items, all of which can be effective solutions should the player find themselves stuck at a certain level or unable to get past a certain boss.

"Where Is My Girl?" is very much an arcade style game. To contribute to this essence, the game keeps records of the player's performance and offers a detailed overview of relevant statistics. These statistics intertwine well with the list of achievements that the player can seek to tackle for an additional challenge.