Live Puzzles 2:
Wild West Bugs!
by SkyLeo

Live Puzzles 2 by Sky Leo is the second entry in the Live Puzzles series for youngsters, boasting a combination of energetic music, upbeat art, and fluid animations, which come together to create an immersive atmosphere.

The game's essence lies in putting together puzzles of various cartoonish bugs. Upon finishing a puzzle, the player is rewarded with an animation of a dancing bug and a variety of fruits flying up on screen. While these features may appear quite simple at first glance, they serve to teach the youngest of children a variety of subtle but valuable lessons, such as the appearance of bugs and fruits, and the way bugs move around. However, the entertainment factor is also a central point in this game.

The game has three difficulty settings, which can be used to custom tailor the gameplay experience to the needs and wants of the child playing it.

Furthermore, in contrast to the first Live Puzzles game, Live Puzzles 2 introduces a new feature that adds a substantial amount of replayability. Puzzle pieces are now generated arbitrarily from the original picture, meaning different pieces each playthrough. This, in turn, facilitates a bigger challenge and more originality each time a new puzzle is launched, thus offering many more hours of playtime.

The game utilizes a challenge-and-reward model that works well to keep children playing, enticing them to finish the puzzles without giving up midway. Likewise, the solid variety of content boasted by the game creates an experience that's both entertaining and educational for young minds still striving to learn about the world.

And last but not least, the simple interface makes the game playable without any hassle.