Live Puzzles
by SkyLeo

Live Puzzles by Sky Leo is a puzzle game for the youngest among us that boasts a magical atmosphere created through a combination of whimsical art, wonderful music, and lively animations.

The game allows the choice of one of three difficulty settings that ensure a challenge appropriate to any child`s capabilities. When the player is finished putting together a puzzle, they`ll find themselves rewarded by a whole show full of dancing animals and fireworks erupting excitedly on screen, and while the animations play out automatically, the fireworks are interactive, allowing the player to set them off with a simple gesture.

Using a solid challenge-and-reward model, Live Puzzles is aimed at helping children develop vital skills central to their growth and development, but not at the cost of fun. With a finely tuned balance of sufficient challenges and exciting rewards, the game boasts natural appeal for young minds and a substantial amount of replayability as well. With a dozen animals in total, it offers enough variety to keep a youngster`s energetic mind busy for a long time. Couple that with the three aforementioned difficulty settings, and you get a considerable amount of content in a stout package.

The game`s interface is simple, ensuring that children of all ages are able to efficiently figure out how to put the puzzles together.