Step-by-step Animal Puzzle
by SkyLeo

Step-by-step Puzzles offers the player a different take on the puzzle experience: putting together a wholesome picture from multiple elements on different layers rather than using only a single layer broken up into puzzle pieces.

The game presents the player with a series of consecutive phases to allow the player to assemble a picture step-by-step, starting with the background and ending with the foreground elements. The game is essentially a virtual version of paper cutout activities, in which children cut out elements and assemble them together on one surface to create a picture.

Using a solid challenge-and-reward model, Step-by-step Puzzles is aimed at helping children develop vital skills central to their growth and development, but not at the cost of fun. With a finely tuned balance of sufficient challenges and exciting rewards, the game boasts natural appeal for young minds and a substantial amount of replay-ability as well. With more than 70 animals in total, it offers enough variety to keep a youngster's energetic mind busy for a long time.

Featuring a total of 14 puzzles with over 75 different graphical elements (land animals, birds, and fish), the game boasts a healthy variety that provides many hours of gameplay. Completing each puzzle rewards the player with a pleasant musical interlude and animation featuring multicolored balloons. The overall gameplay time offered by the game is also expanded by means of the Creative Mode, in which the player is given the freedom to create whatever they wish using 100+ different graphical elements (plants, backdrops, clouds, animals, etc.). These creations can then be saved in the gallery to show others.